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Mature Content

Wild Cards, by its nature, includes mature literary content. Documenting such content on the Wild Cards Wiki is permissible, but where possible such documentation should be formed to be inclusive of as wide a readership as possible.


Content on the Wild Cards Wiki is published under a share alike license. Anything copied from another wiki or similar source requires attribution to that wiki or information source.

Images where the copyright holder is Green Ronin Publishing should be tagged with the attribution template {{PermissionGreenRonin}} when uploaded.

Edit Wars

An edit war occurs when two or more editors continuously revert each other's edits in order to push their own version of an article's content. Users are encouraged to take the dispute to individual talk pages in order to resolve the conflict. Should any user revert more than three times in succession, this would be deemed excessive and may result in an administrator stepping in to resolve the dispute.


Vandalism will not be tolerated. Any user is free to revert obvious vandalism without such corrective actions being considered an edit war. Accounts found to be used for vandal edits will incur a block.