Victor Woodward Milán (born 1954 in Tulsa, Oklahoma) is an American writer known for libertarian science fiction and an interest in cybernetics. In 1986 he won the Prometheus Award for Cybernetic Samurai.[1] He has written several shared universe works for the Forgotten Realms, Star Trek, and Wild Cards universes. He has also written books under the pseudonyms Richard Austin (Jove Books "The Guardians" series), Robert Baron (Jove Books "Stormrider" series), and S. L. Hunter ("Steele" series with Simon Hawke, who used the pen name J. D. Masters). He wrote at least nine novels under the "house name" of James Axler for the Harlequin Press/Gold Eagle Books "Deathlands" and "Outlanders" series.[2]

Milán is also known as the longtime emcee of the Archon multigenre convention in Collinsville, Illinois.

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