The trump virus, also known as Xenovirus Takis-B, is an artificial organism created by Dr. Tachyon as a possible cure for the wild card virus. Ideally, the trump virus reverses the genetic changes caused by the wild card virus, transforming a wild carder back into a normal person. According to Clara van Renssaeler's assessment the Trump virus "is only successful in about twenty-four percent of attempts. Forty-seven percent of the time it doesn’t work at all, and an appalling twenty-nine percent of the time, it outright kills the patient. In other words, it’s more likely to kill than cure." The Jokertown Clinic only uses the trump virus as a last resort, in the most severe cases where the victim has nothing to lose. One such case was that of James Spector, who died and came back to life as the ace called Demise.

Throughout his exile on Earth, Tachyon tried to improve the trump virus, but he had little success. The wild card virus is extremely complex, and developing a more reliable trump has proved a difficult task. Despite the problems, by 2010 researchers had managed to make some gains and reduced the mortality rate to one in five, while the rate of cure had improved to forty per cent.


Selected ReadingEdit

  • Wild Cards Volume XXI: Fort Freak - "Hope We Die Before We Get Old" (The Oddity discusses the trump with Dr. Finn)