Biographical Information
Real Name Donatien Racine
Aliases Tricolor, Captain Donatien Racine
Gender Male
Class Ace
Wild Card Traits Flight, force field, energy projection
Social Information
Place of Birth France
Citizenship Citizen of France
Occupation Military serviceman
Base of Operations France
First Appearance Aces Abroad
Creator George R.R. Martin

Captain Donatien Racine, otherwise known as Tricolor is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books. He is referred to as a career military man, and had a one-time liaison with Mistral when the 1987 WHO Tour visited Paris.

Tricolor was seen in action again when he sided with the Committee against the Radical at the Louvre. Tricolor's energy beams were powerful enough to hurt the Radical and his force fields were strong enough to ward off the Radical's solar blasts.

Wild Card Traits[edit | edit source]

Originally, Tricolor's sole power was flight. By the time he fought the Radical at the Louvre, he also demonstrated the ability to generate energy beams and force fields.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Donatien hates the name "Tricolor".
  • He appeared with barely a mention in the pages of Aces Abroad

Selected Reading[edit | edit source]

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