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Sun Hei-lian
Biographical Information
Real Name Sun Hei-lian
Gender Female
Class Nat
Social Information
Place of Birth People's Republic of China
Citizenship Chinese citizen
Occupation Government agent, telejournalist
Base of Operations Takis
Affiliations Guojia Anquan Bu
Allies Chen, Mark Meadows, Sprout
First Appearance Busted Flush
Creator Victor Milán

Sun Hei-lian is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Shang Xiao (Colonel) Sun Hei-lian gained a wealth of espionage and military training in the Guojia Anquan Bu, an espionage agency of the People's Republic of China. She was stationed in the People's Paradise of Africa, under the guise of a telejournalist, in order to keep an eye on China's new ally, in particular the PPA's most prominent war leader the Radical.

Sun's mission took her as far as the Radical's bed, and eventually her seduction of him gave way to real feelings. What she didn't realise was that her attraction to him was largely an attraction to the core personality trapped within his psyche, Mark Meadows. As the Radical's excesses became increasingly concerning, Sun had fleeting contact with Meadows, who was gradually exerting brief moments of control while the Radical slept.

Meadows finally asserted full control over his body, and when he did Sun chose to stay with him. He had by then become a fugitive, wanted for atrocities the world over thanks to the Radical's actions, and Sun herself had price on her head in China thanks to her involvement in events. She opted to leave Earth with Meadows, and his daughter Sprout, for a new home on Takis.


Sun Hei-lian is an attractive Chinese woman with long dark hair and brown eyes.


Sun Hei-lian is a stoic and calculating woman. Years spent in third-world hotspots have hardened her to the depths human suffering.

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