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Wild Cards Volume XX — Suicide Kings


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December 22, 2009 (hardcover)
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Suicide Kings is the twentieth volume in the Wild Cards shared universe fiction series edited by George R.R. Martin.


In Suicide Kings the plot follows the adventures of:

The story tells of their involvement in Africa and with the Committee.

  • Jerusha Carter, with much persuasion of Wally, goes to the People's Paradise of Africa to help find a missing child that Wally is sponsoring.
  • Wally Gunderson is desperately trying to find Lucien, the African child he is sponsoring, after he lost contact with him.
  • Noel Matthews and his wife Niobe (The Genetrix) are desperately trying to conceive a child, all while Noel is persuaded to bring down the leaders of the PPA.
  • Mark Meadows is trying to regain control of his body, which has been taken over by the Radical, with the help of The Radical's lover Sun Hei-lian, a Chinese government agent.
  • Michelle Pond is desperately searching for clues in her comatose dreams that may help her regain consciousness and rescue a child named Adesina, from a pit in the PPA.
  • Jonathan Tipton-Clarke is struggling with that fact that he may have to let go of his dead girlfriend, Aliyah (Simoon) Malik, who is being channeled by Ellen (Cameo) Allworth, while searching for the truth and identity of The Radical.
  • Tom Weathers, while fighting against the imperialists alongside the PPA, must deal with the body's original owner Mark Meadows, and losing powers as he does. Tom must also try to keep his sanity while dealing with his inevitable fate.

Book Covers[]

The art was by illustrator Michael Komarck.


This title was released on December 22, 2009.



Suicide Kings’' contains the following stories:

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