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Biographical Information
Real Name Jamal Norwood
Aliases Stuntman
Gender Male
Class Ace
Wild Card Traits Regeneration
Social Information
Citizenship Citizen of the United States
Occupation Government agent, stuntman
Event Participant American Hero
Base of Operations Los Angeles
Affiliations SCARE, Team Clubs
First Appearance Inside Straight
Creator Michael Cassutt

Jamal "Stuntman" Norwood is a fictional character from the Wild Cards series of books.


Jamal Norwood had aspirations of a professional football career, but as his father disparagingly pointed out, he had the build, but not the mentality for it. Turning aside from his first dream, he turned instead to a career path as an actor, in spite of further criticisms. Lacklustre successes at acting brought him into work as a stunt man, and during a failed stunt, in which he missed his target and endured a bone-crushing fall, his ace kicked in for the first time and healed him back to full strength.

For some time, Jamal continued working as a stunt man, but grasped at a new screen opportunity when he successfully tried out for the first season of American Hero. Through a combination of guile, ability, some luck, and even a small measure of dirty play, he won the top prize. He was subsequently recruited into SCARE where his regenerative ability could prove useful as a front line agent in the field.

Jamal's courage was later put to the test when his bounce-back ability began to take longer engage. He hid this fact from his superiors while investigating an underground joker fighting ring in which combatants were being kidnapped and forced to fight against their will. After being injured in the line of duty during a raid, Midnight Angel put him on medical leave, but Stuntman continued to secretly work on the kidnapping case with Francis Black unbeknownst to his SCARE superiors. While attempting to infiltrate and free jokers from the underground fighting ring, he was seemingly beaten to death by El Monstro, one of the jokers he had come to rescue.

Wild Card Traits[]

Stuntman regenerates through "bouncing back," a violent seizure in which his body heals itself.


Jamal has brown skin light enough that he could pass for white, and has a tall and athletic build.


Jamal is quick witted and cunning.

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