Biographical Information
Official NameSpecial Committee for Ace Resources and Endeavors
AliasesSenate Committee for Ace Resources and Endeavors
TypeGovernment agency
PurposeWild card regulating body
Operational Information
First AppearanceWild Cards

The Senate Committee for Ace Resources and Endeavors (later Special Committee for Ace Resources and Endeavors, acronym SCARE) is a United States government force formed around the regulation of aces. It has also employed many aces throughout the years, even in the 1950s when anti-wild card hysteria was at its peak.


Known MembersEdit


  • Carnifex - Director.
  • Lawrence Hague - Director, retired. An ace telepath.
  • Straight Arrow - Director, retired. An ace capable of mentally conjuring arrows of flame out of thin air.


  • Crypto - Can break any code.
  • Huginn - Identical twin brother to Muninn with whom he shares a unique telepathic link.
  • Justice - Liaison to BICC.
  • Lady Black - Energy vampire capable of expending surplus bioelectricity as powerful electrical discharges.
  • Midnight Angel - Summons a flaming sword and fiery wings. Has super strength and is able to fly.
  • Moon - Can transform into a wolf, dog, or fox.
  • Muninn - Identical twin brother to Huginn with whom he shares a unique telepathic link.
  • Stopwatch - CIA analyst turned infrequent SCARE field agent, Franciszek "Frank" Majewski remained embedded with the CIA while secretly working for SCARE under the codename, Special Agent Stopwatch. He could separate himself from the passage of time for 11 minutes at a stretch.
  • Stuntman - Nearly indestructible. Former American Hero contestant.


  • Ink - Director's secretary. Can manipulate her tattoos.
  • Gregg Hartmann - Chairman. Telepathic ace-in-the-hole.
  • Dr. Thatcher - Physician. A small, hairless pot bellied joker who could assess patients partially through tasting their blood samples.

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