Biographical Information
Real NameMiranda Michaelson
Wild Card TraitsEnhanced speed, fangs, dog-like appearance
Social Information
OccupationPolice officer
Base of OperationsFort Freak
AffiliationsNew York City Police Dept.
RelativesJune Michaelson (mother), Nick Michaelson (father)
AlliesBeastie, Bugeye, Kris, Splat
First AppearanceFort Freak

Miranda "Rikki" Michaelson is a police officer working out of the Jokertown precinct "Fort Freak".


Miranda was born a joker, the third and only surviving child of Nick and June. She grew up with her mother frequently worrying that Miranda would join a joker gang, but Miranda had no intention or desire to follow that path. Her life took an interesting turn in her late teens when she got fed up with never having ventured far from Jokertown, and she persuaded her friends to accompany her on an adventure to Central Park. While she was there she used her phenomenal speed to assist two police officers with arresting a teleporting deuce criminal known to authorities as Blinky. Evidently the experience taught her that she could use her gift to do something worthwhile, and she eventually became a police officer at Jokertown's 5th Precinct, better known as Fort Freak.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Rikki has an upper body shaped like a greyhound with a large barrel chest and a very thin waist. Her legs are lean and muscular, and she has small canine fangs. Her lung capacity is quite high thanks to her large chest cavity, and she typically inhales deeply before setting off into a run. Rikki can sprint considerably faster than a normal person.


Rikki has dark hair and a small set of canine fangs. Her dog-like appearance is rounded out by a large barrel chest and a very thin waist.

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