For the Jumper known as Red, see Jumpers.
Biographical Information
Wild Card TraitsRed skin
Social Information
Place of BirthIreland
CitizenshipNaturalised citizen of the United States, deceased
Base of OperationsJokertown
AffiliationsEgyptian Freemasons
RelativesKim Toy (wife)
First AppearanceAces High
Final AppearanceAces High
CreatorRoger Zelazny

Red is a fictional character from the Wild Cards series of books.

Red is married to Kim Toy and associated with The Astronomer's Egyptian Freemasons.


Red always had a ruddy complexion, but when his wild card turned he became a joker with bright red skin. He and his wife, Kim Toy, joined the Egyptian Freemasons at some point prior to 1979 when it was still under the leadership of Marc Balsam. When Fortunato destroyed their temple, Red and Kim Toy were among the loyal few who followed the Astronomer to become members of the new incarnation of the Masons.

Red was present at the attack on the Cloisters in 1986 and resolved to escape the destruction with his wife. Eventually they did win free, and after fleeing the Cloisters Red put Kim Toy on a bus to San Francisco to keep her safe, while he remained in hiding in Jokertown. He sought out Jube the Walrus when his money ran out, but made the mistake of threatening him to carry out Marc Balsam's original plan of using the Shakti device. Jube responded by shooting him dead.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Red is a hairless joker whose skin was changed by the wild card to become bright red.


Red has bright red skin.

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