Professor Lyle Crawford Kent
Biographical Information
Real Name Lyle Crawford Kent
Gender Male
Class Nat
Social Information
Citizenship Citizen of the United States, deceased
Occupation Scientist, scholar
Base of Operations White Sands (in the 1940s)
Affiliations US Army
First Appearance Wild Cards
Creator George R.R. Martin

Professor Lyle Crawford Kent was a scientist stationed at the White Sands military base in 1946. He was part of the team that interrogated the alien Dr. Tachyon soon after Tachyon's arrival on Earth. Kent's claim to fame is the fact that he was the person that coined the term "tachyon," when the alien explained that his spaceship's propulsion system made use of an hitherto unknown particle to travel at faster-than-light speeds. Soon the military confused things and started referring to the alien as "Doctor Tachyon," the name by which the Takisian alien would become known on Earth.

Professor Kent related his meeting with Tachyon to the writer and journalist Studs Terkel, who include it in his book Wild Times: An Oral History of the Postwar Years.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"In a certain sense, it was I who coined his name. His real name, his alien patronymic, was impossibly long."

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Selected Reading[edit | edit source]

  • Wild Cards Volume I: Wild Cards - "Prologue" (Professor Kent meets Tachyon and coins the alien's nickname)
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