Our Lady of Pain
Biographical Information
Real NameDolores Michel
AliasesAngel of Mercy, Our Lady of Pain
Wild Card TraitsSympathetic regeneration and healing
Social Information
Place of BirthKinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
CitizenshipCitizen of the People's Paradise of Africa, deceased
Base of OperationsKongoville, PPA
AffiliationsPeople's Paradise of Africa
First AppearanceBusted Flush
Final AppearanceBusted Flush
CreatorVictor Milán

Dolores Michel, publicly referred to as Angel of Mercy and colloquially known as Our Lady of Pain, is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.


When it was discovered that Dolores was a wild carder, she was exhaustively tested to find out if she had any useful abilities. Upon failing the tests, she was removed and was destined to join the long list of deuces and jokers who were never seen again, until her power manifested when she came within close proximity to a wounded man.

Dolores was put to work for Kitengi Nshombo's new African State, the People's Paradise of Africa, and eventually fell into the sway of its greatest ace hero, the Radical. She went so far as to heal him from grievous wounds sustained in an assassination attempt, but after discovering that her benefactors had acted in league with Butcher Dagon, Dolores announced that she would reveal the truth about the liaison. The Radical, disappointed by her position, approached her and snapped her neck.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Dolores has an ability to heal others. She heals by approaching to within a close range of an injured person and concentrating. Her body then takes on the physical aspects of that person's hurt, but not any pathogens that might have caused it, deteriorating to a state that exactly duplicates the copied injuries. From then on, both she and the other person regenerate at an extreme rate, completely restoring ravaged flesh, and even regrowing lost limbs.


A tall and lean dark-skinned young woman, Dolores has an exceptionally young looking face. Occasionally her body adopts the various injuries of others, and she can appear burned, wounded, or even dismembered until she regenerates.


Dolores is an honest young woman with a willingness to take on the pain of others to ensure the greater good.

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