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Order of the Silver Helix
Biographical Information
Official Name The Order of the Silver Helix
Type Knighthood
Purpose Regional security
Operational Information
Place of Formation England
Period Active 1953 onwards
Creator Kevin Andrew Murphy

The Order of the Silver Helix is an organisation in the Wild Cards series of of books. It is a knighthood with a membership comprising almost exclusively of wild carders, predominantly aces, with a number of deuces and jokers besides. The knighthood ranks after the Order of the Bath and before the Order of the Star of India. The Order of the Silver Helix is rare in that it has a more than ceremonial nature, its members serving the British Crown to provide most of the security for Buckingham Palace and aiding Scotland Yard, the British Army, and Her Majesty's Secret Service.

The ribbon of the order is green, following a a silver double helix. The motto is "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." Members of the order are addressed as Sir or Dame and the appropriate initials are appended after their names: GKSH, Knight (or Dame) Grand Cross; KSH, Knight Commander; DSH, Dame Commander; or CSH, Companion.


In 1953, Her Majesty Queen Margaret instituted the Order of the Silver Helix to honour those victims of the Takisian xenovirus whose services to the Empire went far beyond that of ordinary mortals. The first to receive the honour was Sir Kenneth Foxworthy, GKSH, KSI, DSO, GC, more commonly known as Captain Flint.

Knights of the Order[]

  • Captain Flint (Grand Marshal of the Order)
  • Enigma (Alan Turing) - is a joker-ace with a metallic body and computer mind.
  • Redcoat - There have been multiple aces with the name Redcoat throughout the years.
    • Redcoat I (Henry Astor) - an ace who can yell loud enough to break beer kegs. Founding member of the Order. Lost during the Suez Crisis in 1956.
    • Redcoat II (unknown) - Died during the Aden Emergency in 1965.
    • Redcoat III (unknown) - an ace with brutish strength and unnatural speed. Conflicting information about his death: Killed in the Troubles in the seventies but actually in 1987.
    • Redcoat IV (Lord Dalton Carruthers) - an ace with telekinetic abilities. Killed by the Twisted Fists in Belfast in 1996.
    • Redcoat V (unknown)
    • Redcoat VI (Jason McCracken)
  • Miss J (Jillian Fisher) - an ace who can figure out how mechanical things work. Built devices that enhance her strength, jump higher, grappling hook, and a cloak to allows her to glide.
  • Seamstress (Constance) - an ace who can make clothing that is invulnerable to harm.
  • Lion (Ranjit Singh) - is a large and powerfully built ace with enhanced strength who is a Sikh. A Major in the Army.
  • Archimedes (Rory Campbell) - a Sub-lieutenant in the Navy who can generate electromagnetic pulses.
  • Esmerelda - a telepath who needs to make skin contact for her power to work. A middle-aged black woman.
  • Payback
  • Jiniri - can grow to over 20 feet of size, becoming bulletproof in the process.
  • Banger
  • Mash
  • Double Helix (Noel Matthews) - an ace with dual alter egos who can teleport.
  • Highwayman (John Bruckner) - an ace who can take "short cuts" through dimensions while driving his lorry.
  • Ha'Penny (Devlin Pear) - a midget ace who is able to become a lot smaller.
  • Titiania (Margaret) - a member of the Silver Helix who has had a crush on Captain Flint for years.


  • The Order of the Silver Helix first appeared in the GURPS supplement Aces Abroad, and has subsequently been made canon within the book series. This article contains some legacy information from the game module that has yet to be rendered non-canon by the books.

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