Molly Bolt
Biographical Information
AliasesMolly Bolt
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
Event ParticipantRox War
Base of OperationsNew York City
AlliesBlaise Andrieux, David Butler, K.C. Strange, Bodysnatcher
First AppearanceOne-Eyed Jacks
CreatorChris Claremont

Molly Bolt is a fictional character from the Wild Cards series of books. One of the jumpers, Molly was the one to first approach Blaise Jeannot Andrieux about joining their gang. Eventually, Molly became leader of the gang in her own right.


A teenage runaway, little is known of Molly Bolt's past. She fell in with the jumpers and, after her initiation by the ace Prime, became one of the gangs ringleaders because of her attitude. Molly was the one who first sought to recruit Blaise into their gang and was present when he used his mind shields to not only resist being jumped, but also coerce the jumpers to reveal themselves. Molly was fond of calling Blaise by the nickname "Blaisy-Daisy" until he threatened to kill her if she did it again.

More practical and less prone to violent outbursts than Blaise, Molly was the one Bloat approached to spearhead his "Jump the Rich" scheme, which turned the jumpers from a gang of unguided anarchists into a moneymaking operation. Later, when Blaise left the Rox for Takis, Molly assumed the mantle of the jumpers' leader and, once Bloat fully manifested his reality warping powers, took up residence in the "jumper tower" the massive joker created for them.

Prior to the government's final assault on the Rox, Molly jumped Mistral and used her identity to infiltrate a team of aces gathered to attack the island. Shortly thereafter, Molly used her new ace powers to kill Mistral's father, Cyclone and help sink the USS New Jersey. However, before Molly could escape the scene of her latest crime, The Great and Powerful Turtle made her jump out of Mistral and into a drowning serviceman. Turtle last saw her swimming away from the battle.

Just before Bloat used his powers to move the entire landmass of the Rox to another location the joker detected Molly's arrival with his telepathic powers. Wherever the Rox went, Molly went with it, making her one of the last known surviving jumpers.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Molly Bolt is a jumper, one of nearly a hundred teenagers given the power to indefinitely exchange bodies with a chosen target. The "jumper" power is an infused power, gained by having sexual relations with the ace, Edward St. John "Loophole" Latham. Once infused, a jumper gains the ability to swap minds with a victim, essentially stealing their body for a time. A jumper must be able to see a subject in order to switch bodies. The jump is indefinite unless reversed by another jumper. Jumpers can even do three-way jumps to switch the minds of two non-jumpers (jumping the first person, then the second, then jumping back to their own body, putting the first person’s mind into the second person's body).

When they jump an ace, they generally get the ace's powers, both physical and mental. Jumper victims often spend the duration of the jump in a catatonic state due to trauma and mental strain caused by the jump itself, but some retain consciousness in the borrowed body.


Molly is a typical teenage delinquent with a sarcastic mouth and a bitter outlook on life. She enjoys her life as a jumper and the chaos she can create with her power. Though she affects an attitude of fearlessness, Molly can be cowed into submission as shown by her retreat in the face of both Blaise's threats and the Turtle's powers.

Molly has a special (and to Bodysnatcher, foolish) fondness/attachment to her original body.


Molly has spiky multicolored hair. She wears deliberately tattered blue jeans, unlaced high-top sneakers.


  • Like a few of the other jumpers Molly Bolt was named for a Frank Zappa song.

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