Mam’zell Gerard
Biographical Information
AliasesMam’zell Gerard
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States, deceased
AffiliationsJumpers, Card Sharks
AlliesGyro Gearloose, Hari Kari
First AppearanceDealer’s Choice
CreatorGeorge R.R. Martin

Mam’zell Gerard is a fictional character from the Wild Cards series of books.

Mam’zell Gerard is a teenage runaway. Like all "Jumpers" she is a teen who can swap bodies/mind with other people.


Mam’zell Gerard was captured and used by the Card Sharks. At one point it was said that she was the last living jumper, she was eventually killed.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Mam’zell Gerard is a Jumper The "jumper" power is an infused power, gained by having sexual relations with the ace, Edward St. John "Loophole" Latham. Once infused, a jumper gains the ability to swap minds with a victim, essentially stealing their body for a time. A jumper must be able to see a subject in order to switch bodies. The jump is indefinite unless reversed by another jumper. Jumpers can even do three-way jumps to switch the minds of two non-jumpers (jumping the first person, then the second, then jumping back to their own body, putting the first person’s mind into the second person's body).

When they jump an ace, they generally get the ace's powers, both physical and mental. Jumper victims often spend the duration of the jump in a catatonic state due to trauma and mental strain caused by the jump itself, but some retain consciousness in the borrowed body.


A tough looking French girl of maybe 16 years at the time of her death.


It has been noted that Mam’zell Gerard can speak three languages fluently.

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