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Dr. Kitengi Nshombo
Biographical Information
Real Name Dr. Kitengi Nshombo
Gender Male
Class Nat
Social Information
Citizenship Citizen of the People's Paradise of Africa
Occupation Despot
Base of Operations Kongoville, PPA
Relatives Alicia Nshombo
Allies The Radical
First Appearance Busted Flush
Final Appearance Suicide Kings
Creator Victor Milán

President-for-Life Dr. Kitengi Nshombo is a minor character in the Wild Cards series of books. He is the ruler of the People's Paradise of Africa.


Dr. Kitengi Nshombo sought to carve a new state out of African soil for himself, and to that end he allied himself with Tom Weathers, who saw their alliance as a means to foment revolution and create a new Marxist state. With Nshombo's keen intellect, and the Radical's incredible power, they formed the People's Paradise of Africa and set about conquering territory until they held a vast tract of land in central Africa.

Dr. Nshombo and his sister Alicia consolidated their power base first with his alliances and her power, and then with a plan to infect numerous child subjects with the wild card virus in a bid to create a small army of aces. His warmongering and the killing of children drew the attention of various external powers, and eventually the internationally renowned spy ace Noel Matthews launched a plan to topple Dr. Nshombo's regime. When a large number of gold ingots were stolen from the People's Bank and reappeared on Nshombo's private yacht, Weathers, who had also been called to the yacht, branded Dr. Nshombo a traitor to the people and burned him where he stood.


Kitengi Nshombo is a short, but sharp-looking African man.


Dr. Nshombo has a razor sharp intellect and demonstrates a rare socio-political brilliance. He is unscrupulous about whom he has ha killed to further his goals, and has no qualms about ordering the deaths of hundreds of children. He remains stoic and emotionless at all times except when he is alone with his dogs.

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