Kim Toy
Biographical Information
Real Name Kim Toy O'Toole
Gender Female
Class Ace
Wild Card Traits Mind control (subconscious pheromone compulsion)
Social Information
Place of Birth Hong Kong
Citizenship United States
Base of Operations New York City
Affiliations Egyptian Freemasons
Relatives Red (husband), Sean O'Toole (father)
Allies Judas (Harry Matthias)
First Appearance Aces High
Creator Roger Zelazny

Kim Toy is a fictional character from the Wild Cards series of books.

History[edit | edit source]

Little is known of Kim Toy's life prior to her association with the Egyptian Freemasons. Kim's ace is the ability to release pheromones which causes those around her think she is incredibly beautiful and makes them very eager to please her. In one instance, both Croyd Crenson and Devil John Darlingfoot fell victim to her power. She was married to the joker known as Red and worked with him to help the Freemason's leader, a psychotic ace known as the Astronomer, achieve world domination.

After the raid on the Freemason's headquarters at the Cloisters the secret society was left in disarray. Kim fled to the West Coast to stay with relatives, while Red remained in New York. She was never heard from again.

Wild Card Traits[edit | edit source]

Kim Toy dazzles men with the pheromones she can emit at will. Any man who catches her scent will find her irresistible and will do anything she asks.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kim Toy is a small, plain-looking Asian woman.

Selected Reading[edit | edit source]

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