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Jonathan Hive
Jonathan Hive.png
Biographical Information
Real Name Jonathan Tipton-Clarke
Aliases Bugsy, Jonathan Hive
Gender Male
Class Ace
Wild Card Traits Metamorphosis, flight, poisonous sting
Social Information
Citizenship United States citizen
Occupation Blogger, Journalist, Committee investigator
Event Participant American Hero
Base of Operations New York
Affiliations Team Hearts, the Committee, Aces!
Allies Cameo, John Fortune, Lohengrin, Simoon
First Appearance Inside Straight
Creator Daniel Abraham

Jonathan Hive is a fictional character from the Wild Cards series of books.


Wild Card Traits[]

Jonathan "Bugsy" Tipton-Clarke is an ace, though some people consider him a joker, who can turn his body into a swarm of green wasps at will. He can either shift his entire body into wasps or simply spawn small numbers at a time. He can also see from the wasps' perspective, and is able to juggle multiple wasp perspectives concurrently.

When one of Jonathan's wasps die he feel as the pain as a small pinch, and he will eventually regrow the body parts the wasps made up. However, if Jonathan shifts completely into wasps and loses too many too quickly, he will not be able to reform his body. The wasps are also vulnerable to ambient temperature extremes, due to the vastly increased surface area of Jonathan's body when fragmented. Even a quick flight through freezing conditions can leave him hypothermic when he reforms.



Bugsy is a caring individual, but masks his positive qualities under a constant veneer of facetious wit. Always making wisecracks about things, he tends to be a source of irritation for others.

Selected Reading[]