Jane Gresham
Biographical Information
Real NameJane Gresham
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
Base of OperationsNew York City
AffiliationsEgyptian Freemasons, Jokertown clinic
First AppearanceAces High
Final AppearanceJokers Wild

Jane Gresham is a fictional minor character in the Wild Cards series of books.


At some point in the 1970's, or early 1980's, Jane Gresham came into contact with the Astronomer. Although she was only a nat, her job as a nurse at the Blythe van Renssaeler Memorial Clinic made her a useful asset for the Astronomer's criminal conspiracy, and she was soon leading a double life as a nurse for the clinic and a spy for the Egyptian Freemasons.

Gresham avoided discovery during the attack on the Cloisters, and therefore gained a place among the selected few alongside the Astronomer during his attempt to flee Earth. This was foiled when Dr. Tachyon and Fortunato intervened, whereupon Tachyon finally discovered that his employee had been spying for the enemy. Jane survived the encounter, which many others did not, and fled into the night.



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