Immaculate Egrets
Biographical Information
Official NameThe Immaculate Egrets
TypeStreet gang
PurposeDrug trade
Operational Information
Base of OperationsThe Twisted Dragon bar in Chinatown, New York City
First AppearanceDown and Dirty

Immaculate Egrets is a fictional organization from the Wild Cards series of books.


Controlled by crimelord Kien Phuc as part of his far-reaching Shadow Fist Society, the Egrets are a predominantly Chinese gang. Extensively involved in the narcotics wing of the Fists' criminal endeavors, especially heroin, the Egrets began branching out into new designer drugs such as rapture created by Quinn the Eskimo. Members of the Egrets gang often wear dark blue satin jackets embroidered with a white egret.

Though allied with the Jokertown Werewolves, the Egrets considered themselves superior to the all-joker gang. Only two aces have been documented as assigned to regularly work with the Egrets: Lazy Dragon, a fellow Asian, and Leslie Christian, a British ace who turned out to just be a pawn in Kien's larger plans.

The Immaculate Egrets' leader is Kien's sister Sui Ma (Little Mother). Within Sui Ma's heavily guarded headquarters the Egret guards affected traditional Chinese dress and weapons in addition to carrying machine guns. Sui Ma ran the gang from her headquarters in Chinatown until her death at the hands of rival Shadow Fist Philip Cunningham (Fadeout) in the summer of 1989.

Known MembersEdit

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