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Hoodoo Mama
Hoodo Mama.jpg
Biographical Information
Real Name Josephine Hebert
Aliases Hoodoo Mama
Gender Female
Class Ace
Wild Card Traits Corpse reanimation, extra-sensory perception
Social Information
Citizenship Citizen of the United States
Occupation Vigilante
Base of Operations New Orleans
Allies Bubbles, Ink
First Appearance Busted Flush
Creator George R.R. Martin

Hoodoo Mama is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Josephine was only a girl when she was raped, and the experience caused her wild card to turn. The man attacking her died with his screams brutally cut off by the hands of a human corpse wrapped firmly around his throat. Calling herself Hoodoo Mama, Josephine took to living a shady life, using her zombies to accumulate a modest income and sometimes to protect the poor. She quickly took to maintaining an army of the undead in New Orleans, often just walking them right out of the mortuary.

Hoodoo Mama's zombies got involved with the evacuation of New Orleans in a face of a hurricane, becoming as much a hindrance as a help with evacuees refusing to ride buses driven by grinning corpses. She also attacked Lilith when she mistakenly assumed that the teleporting ace was spiriting away children for some nefarious purpose. Eventually she was tracked and befriended by Bubbles, and the pair worked together to rescue people who had been caught by rising flood waters when levees were breached.

Hoodoo Mama later joined Ink in standing vigil over Bubbles after Bubbles had been driven into a coma. During the year that Bubbles lay incapacitated, she also sent her zombies to help with the rebuilding of the levees, and then when Bubbles re-awoke she accompanied her on a quest to Africa to find a girl who had haunted Michelle's dreams.

Wild Card Traits[]

Hoodoo Mama can sense the location of, and animate, the corpses of deceased humans and animals, raising them as zombies under her control. She can see and speak through the zombies that she controls, and can control a large number of zombies at any given time.


Hoodoo Mama affects an appearance that is very "street," and has a distinctive red streak in her hair.


Hoodoo Mama is an uncouth and foul-mouthed young woman, constantly angry at the world and mistrustful of strangers. She has no qualms at all about reanimating the dead, and is quite content to exploit half-rotten remnants of humans and animals to carry out her objectives.

Selected Reading[]

Along with 'Lies My Mother Told Me', Featured in the Dangerous Women Anthology Series, edited by George R. R. Martin

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