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Ganesha is a joker-ace who uses his resemblance to an Indian god to gather followers, money and to cover his "unconventional" tastes.


Very little is known about Ganesha's past history. J. Robert Belew, the Mechanic, investigated his past and discovered that he has been thrown out of half the petty kingdoms in India and all of the non petty ones. Further investigation uncovered circumstantial evidence that Ganesha was a pedophile, and that he had been "buying his way out of trouble" with the funds he received from his followers.

Ganesha was killed by Moonchild.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Ganesha seems to have some sort of reality alteration power, making things appear and disappear at will. Once, in Vietnam, he made an armored personnel carrier disappear into thin air. He commonly uses the sudden arrival of flowers and butterflies to impress and enthral his followers and victims. When Jumpin' Jack Flash first saw him in Vietnam he was riding a giant white rat with a troupe of adoring followers.


A joker with a large belly spilling over simple loincloth, his head, the head of an elephant complete with a trunk. Sometimes, he carries a parasol in his trunk and rides a white rat whose eyes are the color of blood.

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