Durg at' Morakh
Biographical Information
Real NameDurg at'Morakh bo'Zabb Vayawand'sa
AliasesDurg, Doug Morkle
Alien SpeciesTakisian
Alien TraitsMind shield, enhanced strength, enhanced durability, longevity, rapid healing
Social Information
Place of BirthTakis
OccupationBodyguard, warrior, personal retainer
AlliesZabb, Dr. Tachyon, Moonchild, Sprout
First AppearanceAces High
CreatorVictor Milán

Durg at'Morakh bo'Zabb Vayawand'sa is a fictional character from the Wild Cards series of books.

He is a genetically engineered Takisian morakh bred to be a super-soldier for Takisian nobles. He has superhuman strength, high resistance to telepathy, and is a highly skilled combatant. He was brought to earth by one of Dr. Tachyon's cousins. He was once defeated by Mark Meadows' avatar Moonchild, and so, transferred his loyalty to her.

History Edit

Initially bred to be a soldier for House Vayawand, Durg was captured by the House Ilkazam Psi Lord, Zabb and subsequently molded into a brutal and loyal retainer. He was among a contingent of Takisians who travelled to Earth on Zabb's ship, Hellcat, with a view to locating the errant Dr. Tachyon and and bringing him back to Takis. Their mission also had them capturing several aces as test result subjects for House Ilkazam scientists to study. Unfortunately for Durg and the rest of the crew, the combination of Tachyon and his ace friends proved to be too much for them to effectively hold, and Tachyon exploited Takisian customs to win their freedom and return home.

In the wake of Tachyon's departure, Zabb had his superior assassinated and turned back to Earth to rid himself of Tachyon in an attempt to remove his greatest obstacle to the leadership of House Ilkazam. On their return they encountered the Swarm Mother and made a pact with her. Durg was to drop to the planet's surface with Rabdan and scuttle human attempts at detecting the Swarm, but was soundly beaten by Moonchild, before Rabdan made a fatal mistake in telepathically duelling Tachyon. In the wake of this encounter Durg's loyalty was transferred to Moonchild and he remained on Earth in service to new masters.

Alien Traits Edit

As a morakh, Durg has several abilities not common to the average Takisian. He has abnormally high strength, high resistance to telepathy, nearly immune to mind control, and heals rapidly from injuries. His training is typical of a morakh making him a highly skilled combatant.

Appearance Edit

Durg is very short, barely more than five feet, with metallic blond hair and pale eyes. He is heavily muscled and broad, yet has the classic elfin head and face of a Takisian noble. The contrast is usually very jarring to those who see him.

Personality Edit

Durg is an aggressive and malicious man. He can be a loyal soldier however, and has demonstrated a tendency to confer loyalty onto those whom he respects, especially those who have bested him in combat.

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