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Wild Cards Volume XVII — Death Draws Five


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2006 (hardcover)
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Death Draws Five is the seventeenth volume in the Wild Cards shared universe fiction series edited by George R.R. Martin.


This is a solo novel, this time written by John J. Miller with a cover by Mike S. Miller (no relation). The events take place circa 2003 over the course of a week or so and concern two religious fundamentalist groups convinced that the Last Days have arrived and that John Fortune (son of Peregrine and Fortunato) is the key player in the coming 'apocalypse'. While ex-president, Leo Barnett’s Millenarians see him as a saviour, the Allumbrados take a somewhat less benevolent stance regarding the boy's true nature. Both groups seek to gain the upper hand in the coming conflict by gaining control of John.

Book Cover[]

The cover depicts the Midnight Angel with her flaming sword. The art was by comic book artist Mike S. Miller.


This book sees the first significant appearance of Fortunato since Aces Abroad (although he did appear briefly in Double Solitaire). This is also his last appearance.



Character Description
Billy Ray (Carnifex) Billy is sent to rescue John Fortune, a task that finally gets him back out in the field and making a series of unlikely alliances along the way.
Fortunato Locked away in self-imposed exile for sixteen years, Fortunato gains news that John Fortune has been kidnapped, and he returns to America to find the son he has never seen.
John Nighthawk John Nighthawk leads his small team of mercenaries in Cardinal Contarini's mad scheme to kill John Fortune, but has doubts that the path of the Allumbrados is the one he wants to be walking.
Jerry Strauss With John Fortune kidnapped by the Allumbrados, Jerry sets himself a monumental task doing everything in his power to rescue the boy.
Midnight Angel The Angel is sent to rescue John Fortune, and she finds herself challenged in the company of the brash and daring Secret Service agent, Billy Ray.