Crypt Kicker
Biographical Information
Real NameBobby Joe Puckett
AliasesCrypt Kicker
Wild Card TraitsImpervious to pain, undeath, enhanced strength
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States, deceased
AffiliationsCard Sharks
Final AppearanceBlack Trump

Bobby Joe "Crypt Kicker" Puckett is a joker-ace who has worked as an enforcer for the Card Sharks conspiracy.

History Edit

Bobby Joe's wild card became apparent the day he'd put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. The bullet had destroyed his right cheek and eye, yet he had got back up and discovered that mortality no longer had much hold over him.

Believing that he was "doing the Lord's work" Bobby Joe joined the Card Sharks and numbered among their military muscle. He allowed them to inject him with the Black Trump virus after being led to believe it was a serum to cure the wild card, but its design was to kill, and this eventually extinguished Crypt Kicker's persistent life.

Wild Card Traits Edit

Crypt Kicker is very strong and essentially impervious to pain. When wounded beyond the limits of normal human survival, Crypt Kicker's wild card keeps him alive. Mortal wounds only seem to "kill" him for a short period of time, after which he reawakens. The preservative effect on Bobby Joe's body does not extend to healing however, and the gradual accrual of injuries has left him sporting all manner of bodily trauma that gives him the appearance, and smell, of a walking corpse.

In addition to the direct benefits of his wild card, Crypt Kicker has also managed to retain some of the toxic chemicals that he has come into contact with. He can flick small splashes of highly corrosive substances around when he needs to strike at targets beyond his reach.

Appearance Edit

Crypt Kicker is very tall and muscular. He usually wears a hood that covers his face. He speaks in an injured drawl and exudes a stench of decay.

Personality Edit

Bobby Joe is motivated by faith and believes he is "doing the Lord's work", regardless of what his action are.

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