Cordelia Chaisson
Biographical Information
Real NameCordelia Chaisson
Wild Card TraitsBody control
Social Information
Place of BirthLouisiana, USA
CitizenshipCitizen of the Unite States
OccupationProduction assistant
Base of OperationsNew York City
AffiliationsGlobal Fun and Games
RelativesElouette (mother), Robert (father), Sewer Jack (uncle)
AlliesBagabond, C.C. Ryder, Wyungare
First AppearanceJokers Wild
CreatorLeanne C. Harper

Cordelia Chaisson is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.

History Edit

Cordelia spent much of her early life growing up in Atelier Parish, Louisiana. When she was sixteen she ran away from home, boarded a Greyhound bus in Baton Rouge and headed for New York City. Once there, she fell into the company of Fortunato and was with him at the prestigious Aces High restaurant when the Astronomer attacked. After being kidnapped by the Astronomer, Cordelia witnessed the murder of a fellow prisoner, a sight which triggered her ace to turn.

Cordelia later landed a job as a production assistant for Global Fun and Games, an entertainment network. Just a few months into the job they sent her to Australia in the company of an investor to assist with financial deals there. Before she could reach her destination she was attacked firstly by strange wolf-like creatures, then later in Alice Springs by human assailants. She escaped them with the help of Wyungare, an Australian aborigine who promptly transported her with him into the Dreamtime. Wyungare explained that Cordelia's assailants were agents of the Murga-muggai, a witch who could also access the Dreamtime, and whose intent was to stop American evangelism reaching Australian broadcasting.

Cordelia and Wyungare journeyed through the Dreamtime to Uluru where they confronted the Murga-muggai. Cordelia beat the spider witch, but Wyungare had been struck a mortal blow during the fight. For the first time Cordelia used her power to restart a heart, rather than to stop it, and saved Wyungare's life. They then left the Dreamtime and returned to Alice Springs.

Wild Card Traits Edit

Cordelia can mentally stop the cardiac and respiratory systems of another being, resulting in a very rapid death. Reversing this power she can also restart these same autonomic functions, provided that they are still physically able to function. She can effect most creatures from reptiles to mammals, although she found herself unable to affect the Murga-muggai, who was more spider than human at the time.

Appearance Edit

Cordelia is attractive and slim with wavy dark hair and pale skin.

Personality Edit

Cordelia is intelligent and stubborn. She only uses her ace in dire emergencies.

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