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Biographical Information
Real Name Debra Jo Jory
Aliases Chrysalis
Gender Female
Class Joker
Wild Card Traits Transparent skin and flesh
Social Information
Place of Birth Oklahoma, USA
Citizenship Citizen of the United States, deceased
Occupation Proprietress of the Crystal Palace, information broker
Event Participant 1987 WHO Tour
Base of Operations Crystal Palace, Jokertown
Allies Charles Dutton, Elmo, Fortunato, Jube the Walrus, Mother, Sascha Starfin, Yeoman
First Appearance Wild Cards
Creator John J. Miller

Chrysalis is a fictional character from the Wild Cards series of books. She was the business partner of Charles Dutton. Together they owned the Crystal Palace, with Chrysalis owning two thirds of the business.

She had the unofficial role of keeper of the secrets of Jokertown.


Originally from Oklahoma, Chrysalis relocated to Jokertown in the mid-70's and became majority owner of the Crystal Palace. The establishment gave her a good platform from which to network, leading to her becoming Jokertown's most notable information broker.

She had a romantic relationship with Yeoman until 1987. The relationship failed when she took on additional lovers and could not bring herself to admit that she loved Brennan.

In 1987 Chrysalis took part in the WHO-sponsored world tour. Her tour took a turn for the worse in Haiti when she, Digger Downs, and Dorian Wilde, were kidnapped by the head of Haiti's secret police on a trip from Port-au-Prince. She escaped from her captors shortly thereafter when the group was ambushed by a dissident faction operating against the secret police, then found herself siding with the newcomers, and eventually aiding them in freeing the remaining kidnapped pair.

Chrysalis was later murdered by Hiram Worchester after her return to New York .


Wild Cards Volume IV: Aces Abroad

Chrysalis was a joker with a distinctive appearance. Her flesh and skin were completely transparent, displaying the organs, bone and blood beneath.


Chrysalis was a shrewd and guarded businesswoman. She kept many secrets and traded them for the right price. She affected an air of culture, pretending to be British, even down to adopting a high class British accent. She would also gain satisfaction from putting others on edge, and frequently wore revealing clothing to accentuate her mutation.

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