Biographical Information
Wild Card TraitsTeleportation, mind shield
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
OccupationStreet artist
Base of OperationsJokertown
AlliesBlack Shadow,Bloat
First AppearanceJokertown Shuffle
CreatorWalter Jon Williams

Chalktalk is a fictional character from the Wild Cards series of books. She is a joker-ace with the power to travel to alternate realities.


Chalktalk earns a meager living doing chalk drawings on the sidewalks of Jokertown, and alternate versions of New York City in alternate realities. She avoids being victimized, by escaping into her drawings, but has been known to put up quite a scrap. The claws are not just for show.

Chalktalk's early life is unchronicled, but by the time Black Shadow met her, she had signs of a history of abuse. Her tongue had been cut out and she was healing some large bruises. Gravitating to Shad, possibly due to his own history of surviving abuse, Chalktalk saved the vigilante's life by transporting him to the USSA, an alternate America swept by Communist revolt in the 1930s, where he was treated for a gunshot wound.

Chalktalk later returned for Shad and brought him to the Rox to continue his mission against the jumpers.

Wild Card TraitsEdit

Chalktalk uses her chalk drawings as portals to other dimensions or alternate versions of Earth. It seems Chalktalk need not return back to her precise point of egress into the alternate dimension, having gone from an alley to an alternate world to the Rox without any intermediate stops. Chalktalk also has unspecified telepathic abilities, one aspect of which renders her mind is opaque to Bloat's powers.


Chalktalk is a mute, feral joker-ace with needle sharp teeth, claws and cat-like eyes. She looks to be about twelve years old. She dresses in third-hand clothing — a shabby baseball cap, a pale blue quilted jacket, and heavy boots two sizes too large.


Chalktalk does not easily trust strangers. Being mute, she usually expresses anger or fear with a feline hiss.

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