Burrowing Owl
Biographical Information
Real Name Nikolaas Buxtehude
Aliases Burrowing Owl
Gender Male
Class Joker-ace
Wild Card Traits Flight, burrowing, stubby wings
Social Information
Place of Birth Belgium
Citizenship Citizen of Belgium, deceased
Occupation Aid worker
Base of Operations New York City
Affiliations The Committee
First Appearance Suicide Kings
Final Appearance Suicide Kings
Creator Victor Milán

Nikolaas Buxtehude, or Burrowing Owl, was a Belgian joker-ace from Brussels who was able to fly and tunnel through the ground at tremendous speeds.

History[edit | edit source]

Burrowing Owl joined the Committee sometime after it was formed, and was among the aces providing security at peace talks, between the People's Paradise of Africa and the Caliphate of Arabia, being held at the Louvre. He was killed in the fight that erupted when the PPA negotiator revealed himself to be the Radical.

Wild Card Traits[edit | edit source]

Burrowing Owl has the ability to tunnel rapidly through almost anything, including solid concrete. In combat, while submerged, he demonstrated an awareness of where his target was as he repeatedly erupted from the ground beneath the Radical's feet.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Nikolaas was a short man about as wide as tall and possess a pair of stubby wings. He generally wears an odd, pointy brass cap, goggles, and old fashioned flying clothes. He had big, red, calloused hands which he used to burrow with.

Selected Reading[edit | edit source]

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