The Blythe Van Rensselaer Memorial Clinic (commonly referred to as the Jokertown clinic) is a medical center in the Wild Cards series of books. It was founded in 1966 by Dr. Tachyon in an effort to provide medical aid to the people of Jokertown and house research into the wild card virus.

The clinic is located on South Street, looking over the East River. It was named in memory of Dr. Tachyon's tragic love, the Four Aces member known as Brain Trust.


The Blythe Van Rensselaer Memorial Clinic employs a varied number of wild carders, nats, and even an alien (Dr. Tachyon). Some of the past and present staff include:

Notable PatientsEdit

  • Demise - Died en route to the hospital and revived after being administered the Trump virus.
  • John Fortune - born at the Jokertown Clinic during a gang war.
  • The Oddity - Jokertown vigilante, and three people in one body.
  • The Sleeper - Occasional patient and special case study, the Sleeper also notably entered his "Typhoid Croyd" phase while at the hospital.
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