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Lupo95GxD Lupo95GxD 29 October 2021

TV series

Rumor has it that a TV series will be taken from Wild Cards, but there is no definite news. Can anyone give me information about it?

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SBenny SBenny 10 January 2019

Favorite Quotes!

Hey Guys!

What are your favorite quotes from the series? Would love some on Joker town/what it's like to be a Joker.

Thanks :)

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CWjedi18 CWjedi18 22 July 2017

I'm new to Wild Cards

Hey guys I'm new to the series! I just wanna ask that I saw that the series has a tendency of having very graphic and messed up sex (like centaur sex, what people say as a very messed up blowjob, etc.- basically what few said about the series). I have the first book and wanna read the series as I love superheroes and comics and love the watchmenlike take on it, but don't wanna read that kind of stuff (it's not my cup of tea). Does the first book have that kinda stuff? As well as does which book don't have that stuff as it's been said I don't have to read all the book as they multiple storylines.


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WarBlade WarBlade 18 March 2015

Skin Update

I've been toying with the idea of updating the appearance of the for a while now. For one thing, the infobox appearance was only supposed to be a placeholder... and it stayed that way for quite a while. Add to that, the white-on-pale-blue is basically just default without really trying to capture the vibe of the subject material. And lastly, Wikia is moving forward with some significant developments on the global Wikia skin.

So, here's a small mockup of what I've been having a play with:

Side border

^ This is just a rough pass - the CSS can render differently on various devices.

But the basic concept is this:

  • I felt that the body text area should remain pale with dark text as this is typically what we see when we read these books. I took a sli…

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WarBlade WarBlade 28 June 2014


A new feature is gradually being rolled on Wikia called VisualEditor. It is an editing interface for Wikia articles that is currently under development/refinement. Wikia have recently switched VisualEditor on as the default editor for unregistered users, so in the interests of consistency (and to further aid the testing phase), I've switched it on as the local default for registered contributors as well.

Nobody is required to use VisualEditor.

The toggle from VisualEditor to source is available in the edit interface, just as it was with the classic rich text editor. Additionally, any logged in user can set a personal preference between:

  • Default
  • Wikia's new VisualEditor
  • Wikia's classic rich-text editor
  • Source editor

Simply mouse over your account …

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EmpyrealInvective EmpyrealInvective 7 March 2014


Hey all, I'm new to the site. I really got into ready the Wild Cards series while I was a volunteer in the Peace Corps. As it turns out, everyone in my village in Nicaragua would go to bed at around 8 o'clock which left me with a lot of time to read before I would drift off and the Wild Cards books were one of my favorite series. (I managed to read through most of the one's that were for sale on Ebooks, but I am missing a majority of the books which brings me to my question; does anyone know where I can find some of the older books? Any help would be appreciated. ~Travis

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Nameless Wikia contributer Nameless Wikia contributer 9 August 2013

Top Ten Physically Strongest Wild Carders

Just making a list of the ten wild carders that I think are the physically the strongest. I will explain my reasoning for each of my choices. If you disagree or think I missed someone or one wild carder is stronger than another; feel free to debate me on it.


Wild Carders


  1. Monster - Possesses gigantic size, strength, and invulnerability. Also grows bigger, therefore stronger, when injured. Reasoning: I know that Golden Boy has been the de facto strongest amongst the wild carders and that Monster has had extremely limited screen time. But I feel that due to the fact that Monster is able to get bigger and stronger the more he is injured would make him eventually stronger than Golden Boy. True I am assuming that Monster gets stronger as he gets big…
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HugoHelp HugoHelp 22 January 2013

Wordmark & admin status


I've changed the wiki's wordmark from the text "Wild Cards Wiki" to an image modified to fit the wordmark size constraints of 250px x 65px.  I hope everyone likes it.
The original unmodified image "WikiOriginal.png" was uploaded by Jay Ackroyd

We have had a few very active members over the past year - namely WarBlade, Jay Ackroyd, and Nameless_Wikia_contributer. I would like to extend admin rights to these members if they are interested. 
Please let me know your thoughts on this proposal. 

HugoHelp (talk) 22:16, January 22, 2013 (UTC)

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Nameless Wikia contributer Nameless Wikia contributer 22 February 2012

How Strong is Doughboy?

Every since I first read Dead Man's Hand; I was curious about how strong Doughboy was. This is all we have to go on: Doughboy frequently breaks a 400lb door and that he plays frisbee with a manhole cover, throwing it 20-30 yards.

Not much to go on I know.

Let's begin to break it down.

A manhole cover weighs about 50kg or 110lbs. And he is able to throw it 60 to 90 feet.

I decided to do a comparison between Doughboy and myself. I can roughly lift 150lbs over my head, arms fully extended. I tried to see how far I could throw two different weights. I had a 20 pound dumbell and an eight pound dumbell.

I first threw the 20 pound dumbell. Needless to say I was a little disappointed in myself. I only managed to throw it 7.9 yards. I then threw the eig…

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HugoHelp HugoHelp 19 January 2012

Any thoughts on the optional wikia features?

Anyone care to comment on the optional wikia features that have been implemented for the Wild Cards wiki?

Logged in users should be able to see the complete list at Special:WikiFeatures.

(Wikia restricts it to logged in users. Sorry.)

The list of features includes: Polls, Top 10 lists, Achievements, Layout Builder, Blogs, Article comments.

The one I am most curious about is the replacement of the article discussion page (a la Wikipedia) for the article talk comments (more like a blog). Do you folks feel strongly one way or another?

HugoHelp 05:15, January 19, 2012 (UTC)

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HugoHelp HugoHelp 3 November 2011

November 2011 update

Just a quick update or two:

♤ The More Off-Site News page is now working again. Take a look: Wild_Cards_Wiki:More Off-site News

♧ New user WarBlade is now adding information from the two Wild Cards GURPS games to the wiki.

♡ I added the "Expanded Navigation" Wikia Labs feature to the wiki for about two minutes. It didn't work as well as I had hoped, so I disabled it.

HugoHelp 03:27, November 3, 2011 (UTC)

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HugoHelp HugoHelp 24 June 2011

It ain't broke...

Hello again. I am now the first active admin since 2008. In and of itself, that doesn't mean much, as the Wild Cards Wiki has been doing pretty well with out an active admin for years. Being the only admin is a bit strange... after all should anything happen to me, or if I lose interest in this wiki, then eventually someone else will have to go through Wikia's wiki adoption process. So If anyone feels qualified enough to being an admin, please let me know.

My current goals for the next few weeks/months are as follows:

As an editor:

  1. Fewer page creation on MY part. I've created more to the article stubs category than I feel comfortable with. Please feel free to create more pages, I fact, I insist that you do so.
  2. Fleshing out the article stubs that …
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HugoHelp HugoHelp 15 June 2011

Seeking Administrator status.

I would like to take on administrative responsibilities on the Wild cards wiki. The only administrator assigned to this wiki has been inactive since 2008-04-25T09:44:31 I have recently posted the request to the administrator's talk page, but I do not expect a response.

If there are no objections, then I will submit a request to become an administrator to the Wikia staff soon, through the [adoption request page].

Thank you.

HugoHelp 16:29, June 15, 2011 (UTC)

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Rene Narciso Rene Narciso 21 October 2009

Tachyon's page

I'm almost happy with Doctor Tachyon's page for now. I think it looks quite cool! :) I plan on adding some more things to it later, but I'll leave it alone for now.

My next project is to re-design the Wild Card virus page, creating individual pages for "Aces," "Jokers," "Deuces," etc.--Rene Narciso 03:12, October 21, 2009 (UTC)

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