The Black Trump virus is a variant of the Trump virus. Rather than a cure, this retrovirus was designed to kill aces, jokers, latents, and wild card carriers. Dr. Tachyon's original Trump virus was designed to reverse the effects of the wild card virus in an effort to turn wild carders back into nats.

The spread of the Black Trump was to be the Card Sharks' version of the "Final Solution". A way to end the wild card problem permanently.

Clara van Renssaeler (daughter of Lamia) created the first version of the Black Trump, also known as "Necrovirus Takis I" in April, 1994. It was too virulent and would kill those infected before they could spread the disease to others. It also mutated too fast over generations, and therefore ceased to be effective at killing wild carders after about the fourth generation. Clara had also voiced concerns that the Black Trump might turn into a virus that could infect nats. When Clara Van Renssaeler discovered that her mother was alive and also a joker, she destroyed most of the Black Trump samples and exposed the Card Sharks, although three containers were saved.

One container was used by Pan Rudo to proliferate the virus and ultimately have April Harvest deliver it to Jerusalem, causing the Jerusalem Black Trump outbreak. The remaining reserves of Black Trump in Jerusalem were most likely destroyed by Twisted Fists.

The second container was transported to the UK and secured during the burial of Winston Churchill due to interventions of Carnifex and some British aces.

The third container was transported to south-eastern Asia where the remaining Card Sharks kidnapped Mark Meadows and forced him to develop a second strain, "Necrovirus Takis II". This strain was more stable and less prone to mutation and thus expected to slowly spread through the world's population, and over the course of generations kill all wild carders. Mark Meadows discovered that this strain was also lethal to nats, yet his objections were overridden by the Card Sharks.

As the Card Sharks' base came under attack from the aces Mechanic and Jay Ackroyd, the Card Sharks escaped with three canisters of Black Trump II. These were destroyed by Ackroyd and the re-emerged ace the Radical.

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