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Real Name
Unknown whether Bentley was his real name or an alias
Nat, formerly Joker
Wild Card Traits
Dog-like body
Citizen of the United States, probably with a criminal record
Base of Operations
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Bentley was Croyd Crenson's mentor in crime in his first days as a wild card. He used to be a dog-like joker, but was cured by Dr. Tachyon and returned to human form. Bentley was a small, shifty man, very skilled at planning criminal enterprises. He was something of a father figure for the young Croyd.

History Edit

Bentley was a small-time criminal operating in New York City in the 1940s. In 1946, in the first days of the wild card, Bentley was infected by the virus and became a dog-like joker. He met Croyd Crenson, the ace known as the Sleeper, and the two of them started a partnership. Bentley tutored the young Croyd in crime, planning burglaries in meticulous detail to take advantage of Croyd's powers, while Croyd gave Bentley a cut of the money. Bentley took Dr. Tachyon's Trump virus, and was one of the lucky few that managed to revert back to human form. He maintained his partnership with Croyd, and in time taught the younger man everything he knew.

Wild Card Traits Edit

In the few months that Bentley spent as a joker, he looked like a large dog with vaguely human lines to his features. He walked on all fours. He could still talk, but his voice sounded a bit like a growl. Bentley also had a very acute sense of smell.

Appearance Edit

Bentley was a small foxy-featured man with dark hair and shifty eyes. For his appearance in his joker form, see above.

Personality Edit

Bentley was a crook, but not really a bad guy. He was a shrewd, shifty man that immediately realized the wonderful opportunities of superpowers when applied to burglary. Bentley was in it for the money and the easy life. When Croyd got too crazy, Bentley acted as a voice of reason. He was a worldly, irreverent mentor to the young Sleeper.

Selected Reading Edit

  • "The Sleeper" (Bentley meets Croyd Crenson and becomes his mentor in crime)