April Harvest
Biographical Information
Real NameApril Harvest
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
OccupationGovernment agent, double agent
AffiliationsCard Sharks, Justice Department
First AppearanceBlack Trump
CreatorJohn J. Miller

April Harvest is a fictional character from the Wild Cards series of books.


A federal agent and Card Shark who manipulated Billy Ray into helping her do the Card Sharks' bidding. Placed in charge of Ray by President Leo Barnett, Harvest was initially cold and condescending to the ace. After a physical relationship developed between the two, April allowed herself to be taken hostage by fellow Shark General MacArthur Johnson in order to help facilitate his escape after a failed attempt to disperse the Black Trump in London. Undercover with the Twisted Fists as Mumbles, Ray sprung April from a walled compound in Jerusalem. April killed General Johnson before he could reveal anything to Ray. Ray discovered April's treachery only after she attempted to kill him with a dose of the Black Trump. Returning to the States, April prematurely reported Ray dead. After returning home and getting his damaged features repaired Ray confronted April and turned her over to Nephi Callendar.


Agent Harvest is an attractive Caucasian woman with short blonde hair and long well-toned legs. Beneath her buttoned down professional attire she typically wears a lace teddy, garter belt, and stockings.


April is a studious, no-nonsense agent secretly devoted to the Card Sharks and the eradication of all wild cards on earth. Utterly dedicated to her mission, April did not hesitate to kill one of her superiors in cold blood when it seemed as if he might fold under questioning, nor did she evince any compunctions about personally dosing a crowd including women and children with the deadly Black Trump virus.

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