Angela Ellis
Biographical Information
Real NameAngela Ellis
AliasesCaptain Angela Ellis
Social Information
Place of BirthPusan, Korea
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States
OccupationPolice captain
Base of OperationsFort Freak, New York City
RelativesLowell P. Ellis (adoptive father), Marcia (adoptive mother)
AlliesDetective Maseryk, Detective Harvey Kant, Sgt. Mole, Chaz
First AppearanceAce in the Hole
CreatorWalton Simons

Captain Angela Ellis is a fictional character from the Wild Cards series of books.


Angela Ellis was born in 1949 in Pusan, Korea. She was adopted by First Lieutenant (later Major General) Lowell P. Ellis and his wife, Marcia, and was raised an army brat. She went on to become a prominent figure the New York Police Department, rising to the rank of captain and heading up the notorious Jokertown precinct known colloquially as Fort Freak.

She is a driven workaholic, only the second woman captain in the NYPD. She chain-smokes, which has left her with a smoker's cough, and drinks several gallons of coffee a day. She studies kenpo karate, has a marksman's badge, and a sharp and vicious tongue. She has won two citations for bravery and was once wounded in the line of duty.


Ellis is 5' 1" tall and has shoulder-length black hair and green eyes.


Ellis is a driven workaholic and affects a no-nonsense approach to her job. She isn't the sort to authorize illegal wiretaps and will come down hard on anyone guilty of using incorrect procedure.

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