Biographical Information
Wild Card TraitsClub-like metallic hands
Social Information
CitizenshipCitizen of the United States, deceased
Event ParticipantRox War, the Wild Hunt
Base of OperationsThe Rox
AffiliationsThe Rox
AlliesBloat, Mustelina
First AppearanceJokertown Shuffle
Final AppearanceDealer’s Choice
CreatorStephen Leigh

Andiron is a fictional character from the Wild Cards series of books.


In the 1980s Ellis Island became a refuge for jokers and other fugitives from nat-dominated New York City. Eventually Ellis Island came to be called by its street name, the Rox. It was there that the massive joker known as Bloat sought to create a joker homeland where his kind could be free from oppression. To this end Bloat gathered like minded jokers willing to use force to achieve his goals. Andiron was one such recruit.

Often seen working with the machine-gun toting Mustelina, Andiron could only use his fists as weapons due to the nature of his joker deformity. Most often Andiron acted as a guard, patrolling the beaches with his partner. As the conflict between the Rox and the mainland intensified, Andiron took a more direct role in the conflict.

Sent by the Twisted Fists, the joker-ace Dylan "Huntsman" Hardesty used his powers to summon the Wild Hunt, a bloodthirsty pack of hounds and horses out of Celtic myth, to kill Senator Gregg Hartmann. Those jokers within range of the hunt, including Andiron, were caught up in its madness. Mounting one of the ghostly steeds, Andiron rode into New York City with Hardesty and his fellow jokers, wreaking havoc and spreading terror.

In order to stop the hunt, The Great and Powerful Turtle used his powerful telekinesis to destroy the George Washington Bridge, plunging Hardesty and the other jokers into the water below.

Along with several others, Andiron drowned. In his case, it is most likely Andiron could not swim due to the weight of his clumsy metallic appendages.

Wild Card TraitsEdit


Andiron has handless, blunt greenish-black forearms that clang metallically when hit together.

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