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Alicia Nshombo
Alicia Nshombo.jpg
Biographical Information
Real Name Alicia Nshombo
Aliases Mother of the Nation
Gender Female
Class Ace
Wild Card Traits Metamorphosis, induced metamorphosis
Social Information
Citizenship Citizen of the People's Paradise of Africa, deceased
Occupation Leader of the Leopard Society
Base of Operations Kongoville, People's Paradise of Africa
Affiliations Leopard Society
Relatives Kitengi Nshombo (brother)
Allies Tom Weathers
First Appearance Busted Flush
Creator Victor Milán

Alicia Nshombo is a fictional character in the Wild Cards series of books.


Alicia Nshombo rose to a position of influence in the People's Paradise of Africa as the sister of the nation's leader, President-for-Life Dr. Kitengi Nshombo. Additionally, she was also an ace who could both transform herself into a leopard, and confer this same ability to men through sex. Pulling numerous soldiers to her, she formed the Leopard Society, effectively positioning herself as leader of one of the PPA's most notable military forces.

Another of her empire-building projects was to build a force of aces loyal to the PPA. To this end she had scientists cultivate the wild card virus, which was then distributed to facilities scattered throughout the region. Children in conquered lands were taken to these labs and injected with the wild card. Those who drew the black queen were promptly buried, but deuces, or useless jokers were also exterminated and dumped with the bodies of the children that had already died.

Alicia Nshombo also built alliances with other influential powers, among them Tom Weathers and the People's Republic of China.

The actions of the Nshombos and Weathers soon drew a number of enemies as well. Members of the Committee took a personal interest, and soon Alicia was confronted by Bubbles, whom she sought to control by holding Hoodoo Mama hostage to force her compliance. Bubbles refused to be controlled however, and killed Nshombo after Nshombo set one of her child aces, the Mummy, on her.

Wild Card Traits[]

Alicia Nshombo is a were-leopard, able to transform herself into a leopard form at will and back again. In this form she has the speed and predatory power of a large cat, albeit hindered by her own obesity. By performing ritualistic sexual acts with her Leopard Men, Nshombo can also confer this power of transformation to them as well. All of the Leopard Men were returned to human form when Alicia Nshombo was killed, although at least some of them regained their shape-shifting abilities later.


Alicia Nshombo is an obese African woman with a usually cheerful demeanour. When she transforms she becomes an enormously fat leopard.


Alicia Nshombo is power hungry and unscrupulous. She has no qualms about slaughtering children in their hundreds, just to build her own army.

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