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Albert Einstein
Biographical Information
Real NameAlbert Einstein
Social Information
Place of BirthAustria
CitizenshipNaturalized Citizen of the United States, Austrian national, deceased
Base of OperationsPrinceton, New Jersey
AffiliationsCard Sharks
First AppearanceWild Cards

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) was a theoretical physicist often regarded as the greatest scientist of the 20th century. He is likely most known for his theory of special relativity. Born in Austria, at the time part of Germany, he moved to the United States in 1932 to escape Nazism. Einstein was influential in the American decision to build an atomic bomb. After World War II, however, he spoke out against nuclear weapons.

Einstein was used as a supporting character in the Wild Cards series of books, mentioned briefly in the prologue written by series creator, George R.R. Martin.


Tach w Einstein

Dr. Tachyon and Albert Einstein

Einstein met with Dr. Tachyon for the first time in 1946, a few days after the alien's arrival on Earth. He believed Tachyon's story and tried to help track down the container of the wild card virus, but they had no success and the virus was released over New York City in September of that year. In 1947, he was one of the scientists to have their minds absorbed by the ace Brain Trust, to preserve their priceless knowledge.

Albert Einsten was also the founder of the Card Sharks conspiracy. He came to believe that the introduction of aces in human history would inevitably lead to chaos. He even developed a mathematical theory to prove it and showed it to several influential individuals. But when the Card Sharks became ever more ruthless in their efforts to exterminate the wild carders, Einstein had a mental breakdown, consumed by remorse. He was then executed by the Card Sharks in a way that made it look like natural causes.

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