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Common Name
Aces High
Full Name
Business Type
Current Condition
Aces High was once the go-to spot to enjoy high cuisine and spot some of the world's most famous aces. It has since closed its doors and been replaced by another establishment.
Staff and Regulars
Hiram Worchester (owner), Water Lily (manager)
Top floor of the Empire State Building

Aces High is a fictional restaurant in the Wild Cards series of novels. Famed for its food and clientele Aces High was founded by the ace chef Hiram Worchester.


Occupying the top floor of New York's Empire State Building, Aces High is a posh eatery decorated with impeccable taste. Several large doors open onto a balcony by which many of the aces who frequent the place arrive and depart. For those unable to fly the restaurant can be reached by twin elevators.


After a less than spectacular career as a crimefighter Hiram Worchester retired his "Fatman" identity and settled down to life as a restaurateur. Aces High featured a gourmet menu and specifically catered to the then popular "wild card chic" set. Famous aces were a regular sight around the establishment, and once a year on Wild Card Day, Hiram would open his doors to any ace who wished to attend free of charge so long as they could prove they had a special wild card talent.

Accustomed to excitement, mostly due to the Great Ape's frequent escapes, Aces High became a scene of actual carnage and terror due to the Astronomer. Bent on revenge after the destruction of the Egyptian Freemasons, the Astronomer posed as a member of the wait staff and attacked the aces gathered to celebrate Wild Card Day. In the ensuing chaos, Water Lily was flung from the balcony and Modular Man was accidentally destroyed. Hiram used his gravity powers to save Water Lily, but nothing could be done for popular newcomer Modular Man.

As public opinion began to turn against wild carders, business dropped off, but Aces High still did respectably well. It wasn't until Hiram was charged with the murder of the famous joker Chrysalis that business truly fell on hard times. Even then, Aces High limped along until, sometime in the 90s, Hiram finally closed its doors. By the time the next generation of aces began to enter the limelight in the early 21st century another restaurant operated out of the Empire State Building's top floor.