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Published By
Steve Jackson Games
First Published
Campaign Setting
Kevin Andrew Murphy

Aces Abroad is a campaign module for use with the GURPS Wild Cards worldbook, or it can be used independently with the GURPS Supers sourcebook, to create a game campaign in a Wild Cards setting. The campaign explores some of the non-US regions of the Wild Cards universe presenting locations and histories not previously revealed in other Wild Cards publications.



  • Aces Abroad bears the same title of the Aces Abroad novel. It revisits many of the same areas touched on in the novel, although follows a significantly different plot.


Chapter Locations Description
New York and London - Cutting the Cards Players introduce their characters who are assembled as a team combined from the US Justice Department, and the British Mace.
Peru - The Dealer's Choice Machu Picchu, Cuzco The team heads to the restored Inca city of Machu Picchu to investigate leads indicating a threat to the Peruvian government.
South Africa - A House of Cards Cape Town An act of terrorism shocks the South African parliament and the Twisted Fists promise more to come if jokers rights are not improved.
Northern Ireland - Double Solitaire London, Belfast Intelligence reports that the Twisted Fists are planning something extreme in Northern Ireland and the team heads to Belfast to infiltrate the FFFF and find out more.
Bali - Drawing the Black Queen Bali (Indonesia) The plot thickens on the streets of Bali where the threads of the Twisted Fist plot are looking more tangled by the day.
Australia - Cards on the Table Sydney Adversaries become allies when the extent of the plot begins to become evident, and the agents race to Australia to stop a threat that none of them had anticipated.

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