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Abigail Baker
Biographical Information
Real Name Abigail Baker
Aliases The Understudy, The Actor, Wi-Fi
Gender Female
Class Ace
Wild Card Traits Ace mimicry
Social Information
Place of Birth Dorset, England
Citizenship Citizen of Great Britain
Occupation Actress
Base of Operations Jokertown
Allies Croyd Crenson
First Appearance Fort Freak
Creator Paul Cornell

Abigail Baker is an actress and a secret ace. She was created by Paul Cornell and is introduced in the novel Fort Freak.


Abigail was born and raised in Dorset, England. She first manifested her abilities as a child by duplicating an ace's levitation power and she floated for several days until it faded.

She moved to New York in order to pursue her dream of becoming a theater actress. In 2010 she worked as a backstage helper at the Bowery Repertory, a Jokertown theater owned by Charles Dutton. Abigail first came to the police's attention when she became a victim of the Stripper a perverted teenage ace who enjoyed teleporting women's clothes off. Her case was dealt with by Officers Francis Black and Tinkerbill. She had a later altercation with Black after she accidentally duplicated the Stripper's power and acquired a necklace she had been admiring.

Abigail caught a break on night while an understudy in Grey Hearts, a wild card themed play, when the lead actress was injured on set. While studying her lines, she crossed paths with Croyd Crenson after duplicating his powers. They were interrupted when the Demon Princes and Werewolves both confronted Croyd about selling pirated DVDs in their territory. Abigail used her abilities to allow them to escape, but was arrested for wrecking a street vendor's stand during the confrontation. Faced with losing her big break, Abigail decided to escape using the powers of Tabby.

At her big debut that night she was surprised to see Croyd in the audience as well as representatives of the Demon Princes, Werewolves, and the police, not to mention a group of well known retired aces seated in the front row.

The performance was going well until Abigail strayed too close to the front of the stage and duplicated one of the ace's powers. As she burst into flames, her firelight illuminated Croyd, sparking a riot as the gangs and police all noticed him. After escaping, she then agreed to meet with him when he next awoke.

Wild Card Traits[]

Abigail is secretly an ace with the ability to duplicate the powers of those near her. However, her control over those powers is generally limited to non-existent. She had no control whatsoever when her power first manifested, but later discovered that she could consciously reach out and select a power to duplicate.


Baker has black hair and her arms are tattooed with an Oriental ideograph and several hearts and skulls.




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